Why ideas fail and how AM can help

Thanks to additive manufacturing (AM), there is almost no limit to what is possible. New ideas can be quickly implemented, visualized and tested in initial tests. In this article, you can learn how to use AM as an ideal tool in the innovation process.

AM as an ideal playground for innovation

3D printing is considered one of the most important advanced manufacturing technologies. The main advantages include the fast and tool-less production of individual components and immediate cost savings.

Ideas can be quickly implemented, visualized, and tested in initial tests. AM technologies, therefore, offer great potential for innovation.


A good idea is not equal to innovation

Not all ideas become innovations. This is not the right time. A market that is not yet ready. A competitor who had the same idea earlier and is on the market earlier. A product is too expensive. These are all reasons that can put a damper on the innovation process.

A good idea, therefore, only results in innovation if it can be successfully implemented in the form of new products, services, or processes and is accepted by the market.


Why do ideas fail before they can become innovations?

There are four decisive factors that prevent even a good idea from becoming an innovation. Knowing these is the first step in successfully shaping the innovation process in your company in the future.

  • Challenge no. 1: Implementation too slow / time to market
  • Challenge No 2: Initial costs too high
  • Challenge no. 3: Key employees are trapped in daily business
  • Challenge no. 4: You don't know how to tackle it


How can AM help?

The following explanations show how additive manufacturing can help you meet the above challenges.


Implementation too slow

Additive manufacturing enables you to implement new ideas quickly. A product can be designed, printed, and tested on the same day, eliminating multiple phases in the product development process.


Initial costs too high

The initial costs with Additive Manufacturing are manageable and above all - calculable. It is, therefore, much more comfortable to implement new ideas and projects. The problem that a plan is put on hold for cost reasons can be handled cleverly with AM.


Overworked key employees

To make innovations possible, it is essential to create free space. We deliberately take you out of the daily business. In this way, you can use your precious time to devote yourself to the essential tasks, and we take care of the rest. Through a regular process sequence, you can bring both functions under one roof.


You do not know how to approach it

Through our experience with many innovation projects with different companies and different industries, we steer you in the right direction and avoid dead ends.

This gives you the advantage that you can confidently leave the "how" and the right approach to us. Together with you, we decide on a mix of methods that suits you, your company, and your task.

Our approach is structured and is defined in the first step by working out your company's process. Once this milestone has been successfully completed, you will be able to carry out further AM projects independently and successfully.


Contact us for a non-binding preliminary discussion. We will be happy to advise you individually.

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