Revolutionary KSS nozzle concepts thanks 3D-printing

211/5000 "Lubricate effort with minimal coolant lubricant (KSS), where necessary". The new possibilities of the AM technology with the expertise of the company JCM ToolTec GmbH allow optimal nozzles to realize efficiently.

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Showcase (real application example)

It is important to check and optimally design the entire KSS cycle. Depending on the application, only a certain amount of coolant can be brought through the grinding gap and thus actively in the grinding process. Following important points for an optimal
KSS system must be observed:
• Only bring as much coolant as needed to the right place in the grinding process
• Avoid turbulences as far as possible (free-jet nozzles)
• Well sized feeder with as few baffles, corners and valves as possible
• Flow-optimized KSS nozzle

Many of the points listed above can only be realized in the best possible way with additive manufacturing. With additive manufacturing technology, optimal shapes and geometries can be built right in the interior of the nozzles, which previously were not possible. Even when designing outdoors, nozzles are now being built that manage very efficiently with the individual space available.

For the first time, the findings of the complex flow simulations can be implemented without compromise in the component. The ability to "print" complex freeforms enables new nozzles that are optimally designed to deliver the best results in terms of performance, quality and consumption.

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