Flat suction cup for computer chips

Flat suction cup for cleaning of computer chips with thickness of 10-20 microns. Integration of a connection for ESD ionizer. Geometry can only be manufactured with additive processes.

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Irpd AG
Halle 2 / D 2121

Showcase (real application example)

How to clean multi-layer 10-20 microns thick computer chips without breaking them?

The idea for the illustrated showcase was established in December 2013. During development, the fixed predetermined position of the component and interfaces had to be taken into account with limited space. In addition, the integration of an ESD ionizer could be realized through a sophisticated geometry. This serves to reduce the electrostatic charge and thus prevents adhesion of dust particles on the computer chip.

The first prototype was already delivered in January 2014 to a customer to evaluate within operations. The ideal form was found at the first component. Nevertheless, customer-specific requirements and adjustments to the geometry can be implemented within just one hour.

The solution can be ordered as a standard option now thanks to the rapid testing and qualification with customers in the last 2 years.

Service groups

Contract manufacturing
    Production of parts and assemblies




Besi AG Switzerland

Used technologies

Laser Melting

Used materials

Metal / Edelstahl / stainless steel / 1.4404 / 316L

Focus topic

Boosting performance


Provider who helped realising this showcase

Irpd AG

Wir sind der schweizerische Markt- und Technologief├╝hrer f├╝r Design, Produktion und Vertrieb von additiv gefertigten Produkten. Additive Technologien in der Dienstleistung stehen bei uns im Zentrum.

Halle 2 / D 2121

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