In-house process for producing a function prototype

Sauter E + D Workerhelmet Type I documents the process from design through CAD to prototype production and 3D ICT measurement at Sauter Engineering + Design in CH-Gempen / D-Herrenberg

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Showcase of the company Sauter Engineering + Design

In-house process for the production of a prototype prototype "Sauter E + D Workerhelmet Type I"

At the beginning, the outer skin of a standard industrial safety helmet was scanned with the GOM 3D measuring system ATOS Core. The 3D scan served as a template for the ergonomics dimensions.

The engineering process was started on the basis of design sketches. The new helmet design was modeled directly in 3D (CAD) and a volume created using the systems ICEM Surf, Catia and Siemens NX. For the first visualization a 2D drawing and renderings were used.

Afterwards, the new product with the Stratasys FDM rapid prototyping process in UV-resistant ASA at Sauter E + D was produced directly from STL data within 31 hours.

The newly produced functional prototype was again completely measured by CT volume measurement.

Based on the 3D-CT data, the dimensional deviations were documented in a target / actual report, which shows manufacturing tolerances of + -0.4 mm. A wall thickness analysis documented the constant manufacturing quality of the FDM process. The last pore and voids analysis shows the voids of the functional prototype.

Service groups

Engineering, product development, data generation
    3D Scanning


Consumer goods / Lifestyle


Internal project for Sauter Engineering + Design

Major benefits achieved

Continuous product development / frequent changes in product design

Used technologies

Fused Deposition Modeling

Used materials

Plastic / ABS / ABS-M30

Focus topic

3D scanning & digitalised process chains


Provider who helped realising this showcase

Sauter Engineering + Design

Produktentwicklung - Industrielle Messtechnik - Prototyping

Halle 2 / E 2162

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