Improved performance of space components

Since the first landing on the moon, not only the technology of the space industry has evolved, but also the understanding of the requirements. Read how 3T RPD is working with EOS and Launcher, and how AM is opening up new opportunities for the space industry.

Further development of the space industry

From the first manned Apollo 11 mission to landing on the Moon in 1969 to the first landing on Mars in November 2018, the space industry has developed not only the technology used, but also the understanding of the requirements required to cross borders.

Enormous opportunities

The collaboration with Launcher and EOS in the manufacture of the copper rocket motor has opened up enormous opportunities not only for 3T, but also for the space industry. Its high conductivity, efficient cooling and durability have been significantly improved by additive manufacturing. 3T RPD has created complex internal structures that deliver superior results.

By working with Launcher and EOS to develop this world first and revolutionizing copper through additive manufacturing, 3T RPD has been able to improve the performance of space components.

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