Flying further and faster with additive manufacturing

3T have worked with Gravity Industries to produce lightweight and complex parts for their Jet Suit featuring a consolidation of the parts and easier assembly. This enabled them to build a more efficient geometry and use of material, meaning they can fly further and faster.

Enabling human flight

Gravity Industries is a British start-up company for human propulsion technology. Their dream was to reinvent human flight with an elegant partnership between mind, body and machine using state-of-the-art technology. This vision led to the development of the Gravity Jet Suit.

More weight = less flight time

In all flight systems, weight is always an issue that must be considered. More weight means less Jet Suit flight time, so it has been crucial for continuous development of the Jet Suit to develop this system taking into account the aerodynamics of the Jet Suit and the associated effects on flight agility and capability.

Gravity Industries turned to 3T RPD with the need to reduce weight and streamline the existing design of its turbine arm hill. The implementation of additive parts should result in a lean, lightweight design.

3T RPD worked on an aluminum turbine housing arm assembly for the Gravity Industries Jet Suit. This section of the kit positions the turbines on the body and transmits the thrust to the pilot's body. In a first step, 3 T produced plastic parts and then worked on the construction of an aluminum arm bracket.


Gravity Jet Suit

To meet Gravity Industries' requirements, 3T RPD needed to develop a lightweight, flat mount with a structurally sound geometry. Working closely with the in-house 3T CAD team, the result has evolved from the use of standard parts with material removal - with a focused focus on a low volume product.

The cooperation with 3T RPD enabled consolidation of parts and simpler assembly, resulting in more efficient geometry and leaner use of materials. The introduction of lightweight, complex additions to the Jet Suite essentially meant longer and faster flight times.

Rapid progress calls for strong cooperation partners

With rapid innovation and business development, there is a need to work with companies that have equally rapid response times and the ability to adapt the speed of progress.

Working with 3T RPD enabled an elegant Jet Suit solution with greater functionality and less mass. The lightweight shape with a slim structure enables continuous innovation and structural improvement.

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