DGP - economical Digital Casting Production for serial parts

The production of prototypes or individual parts has not been the strength of conventional casting until now. In this article you will learn why the additive manufacturing process DGP is also a cost-effective solution for series casting production.

Conventional casting methods vs. Digital Casting Production

The main advantage in production of this component is located hidden inside the part. By the conventional casting process, the inner contour cannot be produced in one step, a complex core assembly has to be manufactured first. By additive manufacturing the complete inner geometry can be produced in just one piece. This saves time and money.

  • Speed: Fewer process steps in core production reduce the total lead time of the casting
  • Cost savings: The possibility to print the core in one piece (compared to conventional core manufacturing processes and multi-part core assemblies) makes the DGP process an economical manufacturing process.
  • Accuracy: One-piece printed cores are significantly more precise than conventionally produced core assemblies. The DGP process therefore also enables lower dimensional tolerances.
  • Freedom of design: The DGP process expands the design possibilities for the engineer. Freeform geometry and interiors can be easily manufactured by 3D-printed casting moulds. With topologically optimized designs, weight- and strength-optimized components can be realized. Especially fluid flow optimized geometry can be moulded and casted nearly without any changes.
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