Dental prosthetics: More efficiency through digital workflow

Impression molds for dental prostheses are currently still made by hand. Find out how KUMOVIS, in cooperation with selected partners, enables an efficient digital workflow for the personalized creation of impression trays using 3D printing.

The challenge of creating dental impressions

In order to fabricate a full denture, the entire dental soft tissue area must be covered. Impression trays in standardized sizes often do not provide the necessary accuracy to completely image all soft tissue areas. Even intraoral scans do not yet have the necessary accuracy to create an endoprosthesis directly from the image data set.


Complex manual process

In order to get an impression of sufficient quality, a complex manual process is necessary.

First, a first impression is taken with a standard size dental impression tray. A plaster cast converts the negative mould into a positive mould. A dental technician then manually models an individual impression tray around the plaster cast.

This personalized dental impression tray is now used again for an impression of the patient and can cover all soft tissue regions.


Reduction of costs and time through a digital workflow

In a case study in cooperation with the Ludwigs-Maximilians University and the material manufacturer Sabic, 3D printing was used to create an efficient digital workflow for the personalized creation of the impression tray.

First, the interior of the mouth is recorded using an intraoral scanner. Using an algorithm developed for the case, an individualized impression tray is created directly from the image files of the scan. The impression tray is then fabricated using fused layer manufacturing and post-processed afterwards.

After extensive testing, sufficient dimensional accuracy and mechanical stability could be demonstrated. The material manufacturer provided a medical grade plastic that meets the medical requirements for the application.

The additive dental impression tray has already been successfully tested in patients.



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