Value Engineering/ Design-to-Cost using the 3D Partfinder

Companies have made considerable efforts to reduce production costs and improve quality using concepts like Value Engineering. Using the 3D Partfinder in those projects helps to speed up the identification of the relevant components and assemblies for a redesign using CAD data for geometric searches

Value Engineering and Design-to-Cost projects are still very relevant approaches in engineering and production. By changing the design of the product itself, rather than focusing on the production processes, manufacturers can achieve significant cost reductions.

Making a systematic analysis of the functions and the performance of an existing product is one of the keys to optimizing product design. While comparing complete products often reveals only small differences in performance, design and price, a more detailed analysis of the product’s functions and its sub-assemblies often reveals clear differences in technical concepts and thus in cost structure.

But this work is time consuming, performed in excessive reviews of Excel-Sheets or BOM lists and in time consuming workshops with designers who were actually supposed to push their development projects forward in terms of content and function rather than value engineering.

An approach to solve this issue is the usage of the 3D Partfinder of Core Technologie in value engineering projects. As part of the project work enter2net will implement the 3D Partfinder to automatically analyze the complete range of cad data of the company by geometric searches and classifications. Relevant components for value engineering can be identified fast and based on facts, figures and data, not on gut feeling. In particular, cross-assembly and cross-product group analyses for identical parts, duplicates and similar (and thus unified) components can be carried out efficiently. This will be archived by setting filters like bounding box, wall thickness, area etc.

As a result of the usage of the 3D Partfinder the value engineering team can now concentrate their efforts in redesign und implementation of the components and assemblies.

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