Partner network allows you to choose the right AM technology

There are a large number of different additive manufacturing processes. Depending on the application, a different solution is suitable. Our broad network of suppliers allows us to use the most suitable technology for your application and we are completely independent in our choice.

There is no 3D printing, but many different technologies. These are often combined with other traditional manufacturing processes. This opens up a large number of possibilities for manufacturing your components.

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Choosing the right application through our know-how

Based on your requirements, we select the appropriate technology or technology combination. Our experts have a good overview of the various possibilities and experience in the most diverse technologies. In each project we analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies and select the best solution.


Large network of partners provides access to a broad technology portfolio

We are completely free to choose AM technology because we do not have any in-house equipment that needs to be used to capacity. We work with a large network of partners, which gives us a very broad portfolio of technologies to choose from. The experts of the various partners support us in evaluating the possibilities. This enables us to find the optimum solution for your application. And of course we also accompany you during the implementation of production in our network.

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