Market proven 3 Phase Model for your communication

The newly created link instinct® method helps you and your company to analyze your own communicational performance and to get you fit for digitization.

It used to be enought to create a website, print a flyer and send out mailings. Today customers request more than these classical touchpoint since their user behaviour has changed rapidly answerings updated mindsets. 

Mobile devices cannot bei neglected anywhere. In your jacket a smartphone, your table in a suitcase, you laptop on your desk. Information can be captured any time anywhere. 

Whoover put low focus on digital communication will fall back, if wanted or not. Other market suppliers are there, where the market needs them to be. 

With the link instinct® method we have created an market proven process, that in phase 1 analysis the status of your communcation, detecting weeknesses and add on potentials followed by an action plan to be executed. 

Following this analysis in phase 2 a substantial support with tool is set up to support any execution for need communication assets. We will guide you throughout this supply chain in creating your content i.e. 

Finally a guideline ist build in phase 3 that supports companies to detect necessary and reliable channels that will be used for distribution of your communicational content. 

During the complete process you will be supported by proven experts in the field of communicatino and will receive a mentoring to get your team enabled to work on it´s own. Should you request support in concept, training or production, we will be there at your side. 

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