How to get started in additive manufacturing

In order to be able to use the potential of additive manufacturing (AM), there are 2 critical success factors to consider: The knowledge of how AM can be used profitably and the change in the mindset of your workforce. As a networked thinking partner, we help you to overcome these hurdles.

How to get started in additive manufacturing

Despite the numerous advantages, many companies have not yet taken the step into additive manufacturing technology. Often because it is questionable which steps are necessary to successfully implement AM technology in the company.


Two success-critical factors

As an AM expert and based on our experience, we have summarized the critical success factors for you:

Factor 1: Application identification of additive production

Factor 2: Change Management: Mastering human challenges


Factor 1: Application identification of additive manufacturing

In order to take advantage of AM, you must first identify where AM can be used in your organization in a meaningful and economical way.

We support you and accompany you along the entire process chain. In concrete terms, this takes place in the following 4 steps:

  1. Step: Kickoff
    We start with a first kickoff in which the initial situation is analysed and potential fields of application are identified.
  2. Step: Innovation value creation
    Here it becomes more concrete and potential AM parts are prioritized and examined for their economic efficiency.
  3. Step: Implementation
    The first AM parts are implemented.
  4. Step: Accompany
    Regular reflection in order to consolidate what has been learned into everyday life, celebrate successes or take corrective measures.


Factor 2: Mastering human challenges

Experience has shown that people find it difficult to cope with change. The use of additive manufacturing requires a changeover and can therefore raise questions and implementation difficulties with employees.

As an engineering service provider for additive manufacturing, Z.E.C. AG has developed a process together with change management expert Marco Stingelin from lettinggo that answers these questions.


Z.E.C. AG - A Networked Thinking Partner

Start today to take advantage of 3D printing for your business - with a networked partner at your side. Just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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