Xioneer Industrial

Thanks to patented technologies, the Xioneer Industrial not only meets the highest standards of quality, reliability and efficiency, but also allows small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the advantages of professional 3D printing.

The Xioneer Industrial enables easy 3D printing of engineering plastics. Thanks to intuitive operation and sensible configuration options even complex projects are easily implemented. High-quality components and support directly from the manufacturer guarantee a durable product with consistently high print quality.

  • Functional parts at the push of a button: Our material palette and intuitive operation allow quick and easy printing of functional parts made of engineering plastics such as ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, TPU or carbon fiber reinforced polyamide.
  • Quality and service "Made in Austria": We offer the highest industrial quality, English-speaking customer service and application support directly from the manufacturer in order to get the most out of 3D print for you.
  • Fast, Efficient, Flexible: Print parts and bring new products to market in record time. The Xioneer Industrial brings cost savings and produces optimal printing results in no time.


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Product groups:
Equipment additive manufacturing
    Material extrusion (FDM, FFF, etc.)

Mechanical engineering and automation technology

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Dr. Andrei Neboian

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