BigRep ONE

BigRep ONE makes the 3D printing of large objects as easy as possible. It offers the largest printing volume of x 1.005 mm, y 1.005 mm, z 1.005 mm as standard. From industrial rapid prototyping to finished design products - the BigRep ONE: Affordable and easy-to-use technology.

Special Features

  • 1005 x 1005 x 1005 mm print volume
  • Open and secure frame construction
  • Automatic leveling of the printing bed
  • Handling material spools easily and flexibly
  • Flexible bobbin holder for all common bobbin formats and space for several bobbins up to a total of 10 kg
  • Filament sensor for material status message
  • Simple, intuitive machine operation and software (touch panel)
  • Modular single print heads
  • Nozzle cleaning station
  • Expansion with options (extruder, tandem printing, material compartment cover, side walls for machine frame, webcam)
  • Remote maintenance and service


FFF 3D technology a short explanation

FFF steht für Fused Filament Fabrication (auch FDM-Manufacturing) und verarbeitet thermoplastische Kunststoffe. Grundsätzlich wird ein Kunststofffaden durch einen Extruder zugeführt und via Düsen heraus gepresst und dem Druckschema nach in die Höhe gedruckt.
So können stabile, funktionale Objekte wie z.B. Gehäuse, Kulissen Prototypen aller Art usw. angefertigt werden.



Thanks to FDM technology, BigRep ONE can produce large, durable components and functional prototypes.
The surfaces can be further processed and smoothed after printing. We also have a lot to offer in this area. Take a look at our service highlight.


Weitere Informationen, Produkte & Broschüren

Visit us at any time on or at the AM-Expo at our booth - we are happy to advise you.

Further info
Product groups:
Equipment additive manufacturing
    Material extrusion (FDM, FFF, etc.)

Consumer goods / Lifestyle

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