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New technologies and materials

3D printing stands for a broad palette of different, rapidly developing manufacturing methods. What was inconceivable just a few years ago is now standard practice. This focus topic shows you all you need to know about new technologies and materials and the options they have to offer.

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The KUMOVIS R1 - Prozess secure 3D printing (Foto/Rendering: (c) KUMOVIS)

Swiss Premier GBN Mechatronics: KUMOVIS R1 FLM 3D printer

Celebrating 30 years of experience GBN Systems now presents a premier: The KUMOVIS R1 bases on Fused Layer Manufacturing procedure. Using adjustable…

Halle 2 / C 2081

Component "ceramic disc - Galvanic separation" in use

3D printing ceramics for small batches and shape variations

To produce fine components down to the smallest detail in highest quality has been very expensive and therefore uneconomical. Read how Steinbach AG…

Halle 2 / F 2221

With Pi2-HAM produced mold

Hybrid AM: Faster production of more powerful components

By combining additive construction and direct surface finishing, Hybrid Additive Manufacturing enables injection molds to be produced faster, easier,…

Halle 2 / E 2160

Gas-tight blowers and components from Becker ensure a high-quality protective gas atmosphere

Optimum inert gas circulation in 3D printing

In the additive production of metal parts, the right protective gas atmosphere is of great importance for the final quality of the printed 3D metal…

Halle 2 / D 2131

Printing process of the individually manufactured shoe sole

Customized shoe soles in silicone

German RepRap's new LAM technology enables 3D printing of silicone using materials from The Dow Chemical Company. With this technology, customized…

Halle 2 / B 2043

KUMOVIS 3D printer for high performance plastics

Realization of 3D printer for medical applications

Time and cost revolution in operational theatre: New 3D printsytem enables additive manufacturing of implants from high performance plastics…

Halle 2 / C 2081

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