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Injex - Injection Molding Overnight

Injex offers an injection molding service which is based on additive tooling. This reduces lead times for injection molded prototypes and small series from several weeks to a few days.

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Injex has set itself the mission to increase innovation by producing prototypes closer to production quality in a shorter amount of time. The ability to rely on production-grade materials, already at the prototyping stage, presents an unbeatable advantage for various applications.


The foundation stone of Injex was laid in 2015 in a prototype workshop at ETH Zurich. The frustration over the limited choice of materials and their properties in 3D printing led to the development of a sophisticated injection molding process. The first trials were quickly successful, and the fully automated injection molding system was steadily further developed.

General Information
Company size
1-10 employees
Founded in
Zürich, Switzerland

Binzmühlestrasse 26
8050 Zürich

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