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Software for the digital process chain in additive manufacturing: Automated component identification and print preparation (Healing, 3D Nesting, Slicer)

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Design of parts for additive manufacturing
Consulting additive manufacturing
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Consulting lean management
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Dr. Kaj Führer


We offer:

A) Software solutions for automated component identification based on geometric data for additive manufacturing/ value engineering/ design-to-cost and for preparation of CAD data for 3D printing

The Partfinder analyzes native CAD files and writes them to a database. By setting intelligent filters components can be identified in terms of printability, complexitiy and similarity.
The fields of application of the Partfinder are:

  • Component identification for additive manufacturing: Analysis of the entire CAD portfolio for components suitable for different 3D printing technologies and machine types
  • Investment calculation of 3D printing: Utilization analysis of new 3D printers
  • Quality Check: Checking the quality/conformity of CAD data
  • Identical part identification and similarity analyses: Design-to-cost and value analyses
  • Implement a spare parts strategy: Production of spare parts by 3D printing
  • Complete analysis of manufacturing processes: Component allocation to the efficient manufacturing process

B) 4D Additive: Preparation of CAD data for 3D printing

With 4D Additive, CAD data of all common formats can be efficiently prepared for 3D printing. All common 3D printing processes and printer types are supported.
The 3D printing software contains the functionalities:

  • Import of CAD files and repair/healing
  • Component analysis and direct modelling functions
  • Positioning of the component / Multi-criteria Positioning
  • Support for metal and plastic parts
  • 2D and 3D Nesting
  • Textures and colors (coming soon)
  • Slicing and export to printer

C) Consulting

  • Consulting in the field of implementation of the Partfinder- and 4D Additive- Software
  • Design-to-Cost/ Value Engineering Projects
  • analysis of the potentials in 3D printing and implementation of additive manufacturing concepts
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1-10 employees
Founded in
Rödermark, Germany

Klausenerstr. 7
63322 Rödermark

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