EviXscan 3D in use at Cooper Standard Automotive

Cooper Standard Automotive is one of the leading suppliers of plastic and rubber components for the automotive industry. By using EviXscan 3D scanners, Cooper Standard Automotive has increased efficiency and quality in various areas of production.

Cooper Standard Automotive specializes in the production of body seals, brake systems, fuel hoses and air conditioning systems for a wide range of automotive brands. By using EviXascan 3D scanners, the company has been able to make great strides in various areas.

In quality control

The use of the 3D scanner in quality control ensures the highest quality and accuracy of finished products according to customer requirements. This is achieved by direct comparison of the scan data with the supplied CAD models of the customers and the technical requirements for dimensional accuracy. Cooper Standard Automotive, thanks to the use of 3D scanning, can be completely sure that the product meets the highest standards of the automotive industry and that the product quality meets the customers' expectations. The implementation of the eviXscan-3D solution guarantees a more precise and faster quality control of Cooper Standard's products and significantly reduces the measurement time.

In Reverse Engineering

Cooper Standard uses the eviXscan 3D solution in its maintenance section. There, the use of 3D scanning allows to recover the technical data of tools and moulds worn during production. Thus, these can be easily reproduced from the digitally recorded data. With the 3D scanned data, the tools and moulds can then be manufactured in-house or the production of these can be outsourced without major additional costs.

As a result of implementing the eviXscan 3D solution, Cooper Standard has shortened production time and reduced costs, resulting in significant savings.

In Rapid Prototyping

The use of an eviXscan 3D scanner in the R&D department enables fast and cost-effective improvement of molds and tools used in production. The modification of prototypes can be done faster, which indirectly speeds up the commercial production.

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