4 x stronger than titanium - 3D printing with Carbon

With the additive machine tool, the Wizard 480+ and the APS continuous filament technology, reproducible feather-light and high strength functional components can be 3D printed manufactured!

Tensile strength and density

With a tensile strength of 1.060 MPa, flexular strength of 720 MPa and a density of 1.4 g/cm³, our carbon fiber is 4 times stronger than titanium, In tensile strength to density ratio.


Difference to FFF/FDM

  APS - continuous carbon fiber FFF/FDM

Fiber content:

(depending on filament type)

50-55% 15-30%
Fiber placement: Unidirectional
(can be laid according to the force action)
(fiber direction along the flow direction)
Fiber length: "Endless" approx. 0,1 mm

Continuous fiber materials:

  • CF fibers
    • 1.5k with PA matrix
    • 3k with PEKK matrix
    • On request: CF 1 to 3k
    • On request: CF with alternative plastic matrix
  • Glass fiber
  • Aramid
  • Metal wire (e.g.: copper wire)
  • Open for materials from alternative suppliers

Unlimited possibilities with the Wizard 480+

The modular design of our innovative tool changing system makes it possible to use up to 4 different print heads within one process.

Continuous fiber processing can be usefully supplemented with the FFF/FDM process.

Different diameters for faster infill, material combinations, use of water-soluble support material, ...

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