Areas of application

The AM Expo features solutions and recommendations for the following areas of application. In each area of application, you find interesting showcases, product and service highlights, which the exhibitors are presenting at their booths, as well as presentations in the innovation symposium.

Mechanical engineering and automation technology

Additive techniques used in mechanical engineering not only enable the tool-less, cost-effective and therefore flexible production of single units and small series. They also serve the development of highly modern system components with optimised functionality and open the door to new business fields through application-specific automation solutions.


3D printing technology is playing an ever greater role in medical technology: made-to-measure implants produced directly from digital data enable comprehensive product personalisation. Numerous successful application examples also exist in the form of 3D printed models used for planning surgical procedures.

Equipment manufacturing

Customised mass production, functional designs, greater energy and resource efficiency and shorter innovation cycles – the advantages of additive manufacturing are gaining ever greater importance in equipment manufacturing.

Mobility (automotive, aerospace)

Lightweight structures produced using intelligent additive manufacturing methods combine high rigidity values with less weight. The cost-effective production of complex parts and the continuous improvement of material properties open the door to new options for applications in aerospace and automotive engineering.


The electronics industry is facing ever shorter product life cycles and ever more personalised customer requirements. This means a reduction in unit quantities – and makes AM all the more interesting. This is further impacted by the rapid technological progress with regard to the direct printing of electronic components.

Consumer goods / Lifestyle

Additive manufacturing technology opens up previously unimagined freedom of design, enables the production of highly customised products, reduces time-to-market and simplifies maintaining secrecy with regard to new products until publication. It is already possible to configure customised items such as shoes and watches online and have them printed out layer by layer at the shop or the jeweller's premises.

Further applications

Here you find content, input and other inspiration to other applications.

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