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At Praxair Surface Technologies, additive manufacturing (AM) powders are not just a commodity, they’re a specialty. For more than 50 years, we’ve been a leading manufacturer of gas atomized metal powders. And today, as additive manufacturing rapidly advances, we’re evolving our powders at the same rate.

Our additive manufacturing powders are:

- Approved aerospace grade
- Spherical, free-flowing, and fully dense
- Available in standard and custom sizing and chemistries
- Available in large lot sizes and R&D volumes

We engineer gas atomized metal powders in a wide range of standard alloys for all your additive manufacturing techniques and applications. We’ve also developed a proprietary atomization process specifically designed for titanium.

Our cobalt, iron, nickel and titanium metal powders for additive manufacturing flow easily and deposit evenly. The result? Successive layers with consistent density and uniform build rates. Ultimately, this helps products meet the mechanical, performance and final part specifications of 3D printed parts.

Our powders are custom-engineered for specific industries—including aerospace, automotive and medical—and our chemistries and particle sizing can be modified to ensure your finished products meet your performance and surface finish specifications. See our metal powder families below.
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