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The Builder Extreme 3D printer range, from Builder 3D Printers, comes with the most versatile extruder available. The extruder is able to print mono, dual and color mixed objects.

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Builder 3D Printers is an innovative Dutch manufacturer of high quality 3D printers.
The factory of Builder 3D Printers is located on the Dutch west coast, nearby Amsterdam Schiphol Airport which is the perfect location for an international operating company like Builder.
The current product range consists of desktop and industrial 3D printers which are sold worldwide through a highly trained reseller network.
Our mission is producing 3D printers with a superb print quality.
Builder 3D Printers has been focussing on large scale 3D printing for over the last 2 years.

"We have made large scale 3D printing affordable and accessible with the Builder Extreme range"​.
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