Advanced design, precision manufacturing and integration

By mastering design rules, tools and the end-to-end AM process chain, we help you to maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing. .


  • Advanced design, topology optimization tools and the freedom native to AM design makes highly optimized parts and products possible. Perfecting mass, volume, eigen-frequencies, thermal or magnetic performances makes a real difference when performance is decisive.


  • Integrated electrical sensors by printing directly thermal or strain gauge sensors directly on 3D surfaces.


  • Integrated mobile parts based on built-in printed flexure elements can replace ball-bearings, guaranteeing infinite motion lifetime, even in harsh or stringent environments (space; corrosive; ultra-clean).


  • Heating or cooling channels can be integrated into mechanical parts—a significant asset when a part has to be thermalized (molding industry; vacuum technologies)


  • Product complexity can be drastically reduced by optimizing functions and merging parts, allowing substantial cost savings and increased reliability.

Lightweight and sustainable:

  • Drastically reducing the quantity of material required to form a stable component.

Time and cost savings:

  • Material savings and shorter manufacturing times.

Mass customization:

  • The flexibility to produce tailormade objects or small series without additional costs.

We are constantly pushing the miniaturization limits in powder bed fusion in order to offer high-accuracy manufacturing for materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, and aluminum alloy.

Our experts also have advanced skills in post processing—a crucial step in maximizing your output quality.

CSEM also offers high accuracy micromanufacturing from polymers, using technologies such as UV stereolithography (UV-SLA) and with minimum dimensions as small as 20 μm.

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